TSU laboratory will check security systems at transport station


The TSU Laboratory of Technical Systems and Screening Tools will test screening equipment for screening at airports, railway stations, and other transport facilities.

- Our laboratory will perform certification tests for X-ray introscopes, in which baggage and carry-on bags are inspected, frame metal detectors that search for prohibited metal objects, and chemical analyzers that establish human contact with chemical reagents, from which an explosive device can be created. Inspection equipment must reliably and unambiguously identify prohibited items and traces of hazardous substances to restrict the access of people attempting to carry these materials, so that they are detained for further investigation, - said Ivan Lapin, head of the laboratory.

The devices will be checked using specialized and regulated materials. They imitate items prohibited for carriage. For example, a mock-up of a Makarov pistol: if the frame metal detector finds this prohibited object, a reviewing officer concludes that the screening equipment is performing its functions and is suitable for operations. Similar checks using other materials will be carried out for other inspection systems at transport facilities.