TSU patents a system for early detection of wildfires


Tomsk State University scientists have received a patent for a system of early detection of forest, steppe, and peat fires that minimizes the effort and resources needed to search for them.  

In addition, the TSU technology will be able to detect other natural fires in conjunction with other systems, significantly improving the accuracy of fire detection by eliminating of false signals.

The early fire detection system developed at TSU and the Institute of Atmospheric Optics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences is a set of base stations that analyze the state of the atmosphere for the content of some gases and aerosols characteristic of natural fires. The system also contains a module for recording wind data. All this makes it possible to determine, with the help of a mathematical apparatus, the location of the fire source. Then the processed data is sent to the Ministry of Emergency Situations at the desk of the duty officer, who is responsible for monitoring fires.

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