TSU has developed a new approach for the analyzing tissues


TSU biophysicists and colleagues from India and Taiwan have developed new approaches for studying the tissues of patients with serious diseases, such as diabetes mellitus, and oncopathology. The scientists used nonlinear optical microscopy, which provides a large amount of new data on changes in the patients’ tissues. This data will help create effective treatments and identify, for example, the causes of poor wound healing. The research is presented in the Journal of Applied Physics (Q2), published by the American Institute of Physics since 1931. The article was chosen as the central theme of the issue and placed on its cover.

- There are two points important in the diagnosis of diseases, based on the analysis of biological tissues: information about the structure and molecular composition, which means the composition and quantity of proteins and other substances, - explains Yury Kistenyov, one of the authors of the article, head of the TSU Laboratory of Biophotonics, executive director of the TSU Institute of Biomedicine. - Traditional microscopy in most cases gives information only about the structure of tissues. But the advent of powerful femtosecond lasers has led to the emergence of nonlinear microscopy methods that enable studying subtle effects in biological matter.

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