TSU biologists monitor bird migration with ISS

TSU Biological Institute researchers have joined an international project, ICARUS. Initiated by Russia and Germany, it aims to monitor animal migration patterns on the planet using new technologies. Ornithologists say that this partnership will open doors in the field of bird migration. It will enable scientists to find previously unknown migration patterns and wintering grounds with the possibility of organizing conservation areas for rare species. The scientists will be able to more precisely identify birds’ life span and cause of death, trace migration patterns of infectious diseases, and even use them as an early warning system for climate change, pandemics, and natural disasters.

“We were able to integrate into such a major project because of the previous research work conducted by the ornithologists of the TSU Zoological Museum and established professional contacts,” explains Nina Moskvitina, head of the Laboratory of Biodiversity Monitoring at TSU Biological Institute. “The educational and research station ‘Kolarovo Training Ground’ also plays a major role. For many years it provided a place for systematic animal research done in collaboration with Russian and international colleagues.”

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