Fish returned to the Komi River after oil was cleaned

TSU biologists are rehabilitating the Maly Voivozh stream, a tributary of the Ukhta River belonging to the Pechora basin, under a partnership with Lukoil-Komi. New, environmentally friendly technologies helped to rehabilitate the stream’s ecosystem – and a living proof of that is fish population returning to the river after oil pollution has been removed.\

“We started working on Maly Voivozh in 2020,” says Danil Vorobiev, head of the TSU Biological Institute. “Last summer we examined the site and defended a project for its recultivation. In winter, we did some technical work – cleared up the road to the river and the riverbed from fallen trees. The main work started in the spring 2021, and we can already see the effect - fish are returning to the river. The first to return are minnows – they are small fresh-water fish that are a very important source of food for predatory fishes.”

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