U-NOVUS forum participants discussed climate change


Tomsk State University hosted a round table, “Global Earth Changes: Climate, Ecology, Quality of Life”. Scientists in the field of climate transformation and environmental change from Russia, Canada, Norway, and Great Britain discussed changes in the mechanisms of adaptation of humans and ecosystems to climate change and its consequences. The structure of a consortium dealing with these global issues was introduced.

The event was held in a mixed format that allowed participants from all over the world to take part: several institutes of Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Oceanology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Federal Research Centre Biotechnology, University of Sheffield, Université Laval, and other research institutions were present. During the plenary session, the reports were given by Terry Callaghan, a specialist in the field of Arctic ecology, TSU and University of Sheffield professor, and Lars Kullerud, president of the cooperative organization University of the Arctic.

“Siberia is a key region and a good platform for studying fundamental questions of climate-landscape interaction as well as exploring their applied aspects and social consequences. It is important for our understanding of the processes in the Arctic,” said TSU Rector Eduard Galazhinskiy, greeting the participants of the roundtable. “This discussion is one of the steps in uniting our research competencies for establishing joint programs, gaining new knowledge on what is happening with our planet, and forecasting its future.”

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