US scientist will help TSU implants “get on in the world”

Titanium nickel implants developed at TSU may be implanted in a patient abroad: under the megagrant led by Alexei Volinsky, a professor from the USA, the implants will be tested for international use.

The human body is extremely sensitive to intruders: it recognizes a foreign object and immediately tries to get rid of it. Even the smallest splinter can cause inflammation, not to mention implants meant to replace a bone or a joint. That is why implants should be biocompatible – this is a goal for material scientists all over the world.

Alexei Volinsky, professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of South Florida, specialist in surface engineering of biomaterials, came to Tomsk to lead the work of a TSU megagrant in this area. He demonstrates several metallic objects – one is smooth, the other is rough, the third looks like a mesh. This one could be a vertebra, a piece of bone, this one a reconstructed fragment of a blood vessel or a sinew.

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