TSU linguists recorded 5 dialects of Turkic languages using US imaging


TSU linguists have recorded five dialects of Siberian Turkic languages in villages in Khakassia and the Kuznetsk Basin. This will help trace the history of the interaction of Turkic languages and estimate migration routes of the ancient Siberian population. The study was conducted using a mobile ultrasound articulograph – equipment that records how organs of speech move.

The linguists visited several villages in Khakassia and the Kuznetsk basin during their two-week expedition in the first half of August and collected phonetical data using a portable ultrasound scanner for the first time ever. As the result, they recorded four Khakas language dialects: Shor, Kyzyl, Sagai, and Kachin, and also the Teleut dialect of the Altai language

“Siberia is a unique place to study the ethnogenesis of Turkic languages. It is an area of wave action: languages overlap and differ at the same time. Here we can trace the history of language interaction and ancient peoples’ migration. Major Turkic languages are quite well-described, but minor Turkic languages are catastrophically underrecorded. And there are lots of dialects and variations of them,” says Denis Tokmashev, senior researcher at the TSU Laboratory of Linguistic Anthropology.

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