TSU Biologists analyzed microplastic in Russian rivers

Scientists from the TSU Biological institute have finished analyzing samples of river water collected during an expedition last year. The data from 10 rivers of the Ob-Irtysh basin and the Volga, Pechora, and Northern Dvina basins will help assess the amount of microplastic in rivers and find out the routes of its migration towards the inner seas of Russia and then into oceans worldwide.

 “Research groups all over the world are trying to find the sources of microplastic pollution in the world ocean,” says Julia Frank, head of the TSU Laboratory of Industrial Microbiology. “Currently, we don’t know a lot about actual microplastic concentration in the Russian rivers and their role in transferring plastic particles over distance. This research will enable us to determine significant routes of microplastic transfer and understand the role of rivers in this process.”

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