TSU will receive 150 million rubles for Arctic studies


Tomsk State University has won a 150 million ruble grant from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation. The funding is provided to equip the research infrastructure Megafacility (a network of research stations located from 3,500 kilometers from the south to the north) to study Siberia and the Arctic. This will enable scientists to gather more precise and detailed data on the thawing of icebergs and the amount of greenhouse gas emission and the transfer of it into the oceans worldwide.

Developing the research infrastructure will cement TSU leadership in Siberia and Arctic studies, and the results will help in planning effective development strategies for the Russian northern regions.

“Siberia and the Arctic are the areas of the most dynamic changes caused by global warming. Thawing of ice, greenhouse gas emissions, and other factors are able to drastically change the local way of living and social and economic situation of the region,” explains Lyudmila Borilo, executive director of the TSU center of excellence Siberian Institute of the Future. “To rise to the challenges that humanity faces, we have to gain new knowledge on the processes occurring on our territory. We will be able to obtain it with the help of the right research equipment.”

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