TSU scientists publish a book on AI-based diagnosis


The Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE, US) has published a book written by TSU scientists: Medical Applications of Laser Molecular Imaging and Machine Learning. It describes different approaches in using molecular imaging and machine learning for noninvasive diagnostic technologies.

“Most of the books and articles on visualization and machine learning focus on analyzing images, like MRI scans,” explains Yury Kistenev, executive director of the Institute of Biomedicine and one of the authors. “For molecular imaging, there is a combination of two types of information: graphic data (when it comes to biological tissue analysis – its structure, morphology, etc.) and data on the presence and distribution of molecular components in the object of interest, for example, protein molecules. The complex data on morphology and chemical composition gives us a better understanding of the processes in biological tissues and increases the precision of diagnosis.”

Read more: https://en.tsu.ru/news/tsu-scientists-publish-a-book-on-ai-based-diagnosis/