Faculty of Physics project will help clean up the Moon


TSU Faculty of Physics scientists are studying the complex trajectories of man-made and natural near-earth objects - space debris, lunar objects, and near-Earth asteroids - under a project supported by the Russian Science Fund. Orbital evolution patterns and dynamics are being studied using computer modeling and machine data analysis. The results will help to determine the distribution of space debris in near-earth space, and to explore the Moon and near-Moon space.

“Humanity actively uses near-Earth space for its interests. New satellite systems are unrolling in space,” explains Anna Aleksandrova, head of the project, assistant professor at the Department of Astronomy and Space Geodesy. “The remnants of these systems stay in the Earth’s orbit and become space debris. Currently, according to NASA, there are hundreds of thousands of objects larger than 10 centimeters in near-Earth space, and the number grows by a thousand every year.”

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