TSU geneticists will modify oil-destroying bacteria

TSU’s Department of Genetics and Cell Biology and a corporate group, Darwin, are investigating bacteria strains that can oxidize (destroy) hydrocarbon molecules in oil-polluted bodies of water. The goal is to determine genetic differences that are responsible for this. That would allow geneticists to unite useful characteristics of different bacteria in one strain and recover bodies of water more effectively.

“We work with bacteria strains that were the basis for creating ‘Aborigen’, a product for cleaning bottom sediments from oil,” explains Alina Kokhanenko, a senior research fellow at the TSU Laboratory of Ecology, Genetics, and Environmental Protection. “Hydrocarbon-oxidizing organisms were discovered in polluted water flow in the Arctic. These bacteria eat oil products to get energy and oxidize it into nontoxic elements. Together with the corporate group Darwin, the Biological Institute decided to see exactly what mechanism they use to utilize carbohydrates.”

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