TSU biologists edit a special issue of Plants on Arctic climate change


The climate and flora of northern continental landscapes are changing dramatically due to global heating and human-caused factors. The high-impact international journal Plants (Q1, Web of Science) has dedicated a special issue, “Arctic and Boreal Ecosystems Changes”, to this. Three researchers from TSU’s BioGeoClim laboratory will be guest editors of the issue: Sergey Loiko, Artyom Lim, and Tatiana Raudina.

“Arctic and boreal ecosystems are very vulnerable to the current change in climate and to human influence,” explains Sergey Loiko, senior researcher at BioGeoClim. “It is very timely to study these ecosystems to forecast their future condition. The major changes in Arctic and subarctic vegetation are caused by a decreasing area of permafrost, an increased vegetation period, and new elements in biogeochemical cycles.”

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