TSU scientists are a leading international group in Venus studies

A team of scientists from the TSU Faculty of Geology is a part of an international team that is studying the surface of Venus. The results will be the basis of a route plan for the Russian-American Venus-D system. TSU scientists presented the four main areas of their research at the 12th Moscow International Solar System Symposium. This year, Venus was discussed in great detail due to its prospects for future space missions.

More than 30 scientists from Russia, Canada, USA, and Morocco are participating in the mapping of the planet and studying its geography, climate, and volcanic activity.
The research group of Tomsk University led by Richard Ernst is the largest team in Venus studies, which makes TSU a leading center in this area.

During the symposium, Richard Ernst, head researcher of TSU Laboratory of Geochronology and Geodynamics, professor at Carleton University (Canada), and head of the international research team, compared large igneous provinces (LIPs) of the Earth and Venus. Most of Venus’s surface is covered in magmatic rocks comparable to the products of large igneous provinces of the Earth. The LIPs themselves are involved in the change in Venus’s climate.

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