TSU scientists edit international scientific journals


Breakthrough technologies in medical diagnostics

Yury Kistenev and Valery Tuchin, leading scientists at the TSU Laboratory of Laser Molecular Imaging and Machine Learning, have been invited to be guest editors of “Optical Diagnostics and Monitoring of Human Diseases”. This special issue of the international medical journal Diagnostics (Q2)(MDPI)  will be dedicated to current approaches that advance diagnostics of viral infections and oncological and cardiovascular diseases. Machine learning in diagnostics is a global trend and TSU scientists are acknowledged experts in this field.

"Optical methods and laser diagnostics are gaining popularity and becoming an integral part of engineering and biomedicine," explains Yury Kistenev, head of the TSU Laboratory of Laser Molecular Imaging and Machine Learning.

As he notes, the use of contemporary digital machine learning technologies combined with fluorescent and/or bright-field microscopy for studying biological processes enables drastically changing the diagnostics of almost every disease. The new approach is non-invasive and in some cases reaches diagnosis 100-1000 times more quickly.