Head of the TSU Research Laboratory edits international scientific journals


Nanofluids and convective heat transfer

Nanomaterials (Q1) (MDPI) and Energies (Q2) (MDPI) have dedicated special issues to studies of nanofluids and convective heat transfer. Mikhail Sheremet, head of the TSU Research Laboratory for Modeling the Processes of Convective Heat and Mass Transfer, is a guest editor of both of these issues.

The special issue of Nanomaterials, “Applications of Nanofluids – II”, will feature articles on the use of nanofluids in various technical systems from both theoretical and experimental research perspectives. Mikhail Sheremet explains that the publishers aim to highlight the problem of achieving stability in nanofluids: Various suspensions, solutions of water or oil, and nanoparticles of the solid bodies are considered.

The special issue of Energies is titled “Numerical Simulation of Convective Heat Transfer”. The topic is the mathematical modeling of convective heat transfer and how it can be used to intensify heat transfer in various systems: The articles will focus on the use of numerical methods and the computer modeling of the process.