Director of the TSU Center of Excellence Bio-Clim-Land edits international scientific journals


Wetland ecosystems

Sergey Kirpotin, director of the TSU Center of Excellence Bio-Clim-Land, will be a guest editor of the special issue of Water (MDPI), “Climate Change and Anthropogenic Impacts on Wetland Ecosystems in Siberia: Past, Present, and Future”. The topic is very relevant in relation to carbon footprint reduction, because wetlands are the largest terrestrial pool of atmospheric carbon, and they perform an important global climate-regulating function.

“Wetland landscapes of Siberia are important for the country as well as for the whole planet. The wetlands cool it down, reduce the risk of floods, and store and clean fresh water, which helps the ecological conditions of the world,” explains Sergey Kirpotin. “Additionally, wetlands are home to various animals and plants. These biodiverse ecosystems are not well-studied yet, and many scientific discoveries are to be made there”.