TSU’s FabLab has opened


FabLab (from “fabrication laboratory”) opened at TSU on the 19th of November. This center aids the development of creative engineering and new educational contexts. Using the new laboratory’s equipment, students can try out new high-tech solutions and build up competencies in project management and cutting-edge technologies.

“This space has everything you need to realize your project from scratch. It used to take months, experts, and special laboratories, but now things like additive technologies, virtual reality, and modeling technologies are available in one place. It shortens the idea-to-product life cycle by tenfold. This space is a test site for new ideas, which is important, because, without implementation, the idea is stuck,” said Eduard Galazhinskiy, TSU Rector, at the opening ceremony.

FabLab can accept more than 1000 students for consultation, education, and project implementation. The students will be able to test new high-tech solutions and turn their idea into a product in no time.

Read more: https://en.tsu.ru/news/tsu-s-fablab-has-opened/