TSU will examine the Kolva River and plan restoration


TSU Biological Institute scientists will examine the Kolva River drainage system under an agreement with LUKOIL-Komi Company. In 2021, the river was polluted by an accident. The scientists will use a TSU-developed technology, Aeroschup, to investigate the bottom sediments in 200 kilometers of the river. If this demonstrates the need for it, TSU scientists will develop a plan for restoring the river’s ecosystem.

“After the hydrocarbon leak, moving oil was cleaned from the surface, but there is a possibility that some part of it settled on the bottom of the river. That is why LUKOIL-Komi decided to examine the river’s condition,” said Danil Vorobiev, head of the Institute. “To conduct this examination, we will use Aeroschup technology that allows us to quickly assess the pollution level and map out the parts of the river examined.”

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