TSU will collaborate with a major university in Malaysia

Tomsk State University and MARA University of Technology (UiTM), a major higher educational institution in Malaysia, have concluded a memorandum of understanding and cooperation. The ceremony was held online on the 14th of March.

The universities presented their achievements and discussed possible areas of collaboration. In particular, the colleagues from Malaysia aim to develop joint projects in genetics, chemistry, applied mathematics, social studies and humanities, and educational technologies. Academic exchanges and joint educational programs are also planned.

The memorandum on friendship and cooperation, promotion of mutual understanding, academic, cultural and scientific thought, and personnel exchange was signed by TSU’s Rector Edward Galazhinskiy and the Vice-Rector for International Affairs Artyom Rykun on behalf of TSU. On behalf of UiTM, the memorandum was signed by the Vice-Chancellor Roziah Mohd Janor and Acting Rector of the UiTM Pahang Campus Mohd Ilham Adenan.

“Our colleagues from Malaysia propose to cooperate not only in research and education, but also in joint publications and membership in the editorial boards of each other's scientific journals. They offer to begin student exchange this semester. Now we need to determine the program framework for it,” said Artyom Rykun.

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