TSU Scientist co-edits a monograph on new methods of brain research


Yury V. Kistenev, a scientist from Tomsk State University, and Nirmal Mazumder and Gireesh Gangadharan, from Manipal School of Life Sciences, India, have published a monograph “Advances in Brain Imaging Techniques” (Springer, 2022). The book describes new methods for noninvasive early diagnosis, when a disease is identified at early stages without collecting bio tissue samples, and specifically, how biophotonic approaches like molecular imaging combined with AI can be used for understanding the pathomechanism of brain disorders.

“We present our own results and sum up new achievements in neuroimaging techniques and various IT instruments, and explain new approaches to central nervous system research,” says Yuriy Kistenev, one of the monograph’s editors, the co-author of several chapters, and head of the TSU Laboratory of Laser Molecular Imaging and Machine Learning. “It is very important that imaging gives us not only the morphological view but also the molecular composition of the object of study.”

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