TSU geneticists are investigating new protein functions


Engineering biology is one of the most dynamically developing areas of science in the world. It can provide answers to some of the main challenges of humanity: create new diagnostic systems, create medicines to combat serious diseases, solve food security problems, and much more.

Tomsk State University geneticists are investigating the properties of DNA repair system proteins in microorganisms subjected to genotoxic stress. Proteins with altered properties and functions can become an effective tool for creating new genetic engineering technologies. The project is supported by the Priority 2030 program.

“In the new project, we are working with the microbiome (community of microorganisms) in the intestines of the malaria mosquito Anopheles sp. We have isolated this microbiome, and now the object of our research is the proteins of the repair system. The system protects DNA in case of exposure to negative physical or chemical factors. For us, the negative factor is blood, which is an aggressive environment for microbes,” said Alina Kohanenko, the project director, senior researcher at the Laboratory of Ecology, Genetics and Environmental Protection of the TSU Biological Institute.

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