TSU chemists will begin production of a virus inactivator for vaccine


Tomsk State University and the Engineering Chemical Technology Center have won a grant for the creation and production of beta-propiolactone, a virus inactivator used in the production of vaccines. After the completion of the project and the release of experimental batches, full-scale production of the virus inactivator will begin. The developments of Tomsk chemists are aimed at completely closing the need for beta-propiolactone in the territory of the Russian Federation, ensuring the technological safety of the country and strengthening the health of the nation.

TSU and the main partner LLC "Engineering Chemical Technology Center" will carry out work on the creation and production of domestic beta-propiolactone by the end of 2023. This substance is used in the production of vaccines against hepatitis A, rabies, influenza, coronavirus and other dangerous infections. The ECTC is already working on the reproduction of laboratory technology for the synthesis of beta-propipiolactone. The works are paid for by a grant in the amount of 92 million rubles.

Tomsk State University will develop design and technological documentation, and the Engineering Chemical Technology Center will create a pilot plant at its production site, where, according to the developed documentation for small-scale industrial production with a volume of 10 kg, it will produce experimental batches of the substance. After the finishing of the project, TSU, together with ECTC, plans to start using full-scale technology for the production of a domestic virus inactivator and completely close its need in Russia within a few years.

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