Laboratory for Social and Anthropological Research

Irina V. Nam
Man in a Changing World. Problems of Identity and Social Adaptation in History and at Present

Areas of Research

Lines of research

  • Identification strategies, adaptation practices and ways of constructing identity of social, ethnic and religious groups in the urban and rural space
  • Orthodox landscape of taiga Siberia
  • National identity in the social thought of Russia in the second half of the XIX century
  • Corporate identity of Russian university faculty in the end of XIX – the beginning of XXI century
  • The formation (construction) of Siberian identity (the second half of XIX – the beginning of XX century, the end of XX – the beginning of XXI century)
  • The specifics of formation and evolution of European identity in the context of European integration
  • The formation of identities in Russia (Siberia) and East Asian states (China, South Korea, Japan)
  • The archaeological heritage in the formation and transformation of regional and ethnic identities in Siberia