Laboratory for Simulation of Physical Processes in Biology and Medicine

Herman Kingma; Vladimir P. Dyomkin
Engineering of vestibular implants: development and realization of a comprehensive approach to interdisciplinary studies.
36, Lenin Ave., Tomsk, 634050, Russia; 
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Areas of Research

Research areas include conduction of the complex of fundamental theoretical and experimental interdisciplinary research of the human vestibular system, aimed at the acquirement of the new knowledge about human vestibular disturbance and at the improvement of the methods and means of the vestibular implantation.

  • Development and implementation of the synthetic approach on the basis of interdisciplinary knowledge (physics, mathematics, biology, physiology, and neurology) for the research of the human brain.
  • Development and creation of the biological and physical and mathematical models of the vestibular apparatus of the human brain.
  • Running of numerical experiments on the high capacity systems for the research on influence of different factors and noci-influences on the human brain vestibular apparatus and for the improvement of correction and treatment methods.
  • Development of methodology and software for the evaluation of the vestibular apparatus functional condition.
  • Determination of clinical-neurological, neuro-vestibular and instrumental parameters of bitemporal vestibular dysfunction diagnostics. Development of criteria for selection of patients with bilateral vestibular dysfunction and neuro-vestibular disturbances with the help of specialized examination protocol. Evaluation of neuro-vegetative status in patients with two-sided vestibular deficit in order to determine the ability of nervous system to compensate and adapt.
  • Research of the influence of the brain blood supply disturbances on the functions of the vestibular system.
  • Running of the physiological experiments and clinical research.


  1. Maastricht University (Netherlands)

  2. University Hospital of Geneva (Switzerland)

  3. Johns Hopkins Univesity (Baltimor, MD, USA)

  4. Company “Medel”, producing cochlear implants (Switzerland)

  5. Siberian State Medical University (Tomsk, Russia)

  6. Research Institute of Pharmacology SB RAMS (Tomsk, Russia)

  7. “Municipal clinical hospital No. 3” (Tomsk, Russia)

  8. “Tomsk regional clinical hospital” (Tomsk, Russia)

  9. “Hospitals of  Emergency Health Services” (Tomsk, Russia)

  10. “Med-Nord” (Tomsk, Russia)

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  • Biological Sciences
  • Medicine

Visiting professors

Herman Kingma 
Maastricht University, Netherlands
Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery,

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