Museum of Zoology

The museum was founded in 1887. The founder of the museum is Nikolay Kashchenko, the first professor of zoology in Siberia.

The earliest museum exhibits are:

  • a collection of skins of birds from Semirechye, donated to the University by Gerasim Kolpakovsky, Governor-General of the Steppe region of the Russian Empire;

  • a collection of invertebrate animals of the Arctic Ocean collected by Nils Nordenskjold, a Swedish Arctic explorer, and donated to the Museum by Alexander Sibiryakov, a Siberian philanthropist;

  • a collection of butterflies from Scandinavia and Saint Petersburg localities, donated by Mikhail Sidorov, a philanthropist from Saint Petersburg.

The museum collection includes more than 2000 exhibits.

The basis of the collections is birds, mammals, fish, amphibians, reptiles, butterflies and other animals collected in Western Siberia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, the Altai, in some areas of Eastern Siberia and Primorye.

Rarities of the world's fauna are represented by a tuatara, a kiwi, an owl parrot, a satyr tragopan, a Przewalski's horse, a green turtle, an olm and others.


Sergei S. Moskvitin


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  • Office 123, 36 Lenin Ave. (Main building), Tomsk, Russia 634050