Museum of University History

The museum was founded in 1984. From 1934 to 1982, Tomsk State University was named after Valerian Kuibyshev, a former student of the Law Faculty of Tomsk Imperial University, a revolutionary, later the Communist Party worker. Since 1953, the University had a museum named after Kuibyshev. In 1984, the Museum of Tomsk University History was established, and in 1990, the collections of the two museums were merged.

The permanent exhibition tells about the history of Siberia's first university for two centuries. 1500 museum objects show the educational, scientific and socio-educational activities of the University staff. Each exhibit represents people who made a significant contribution to the successful development of Tomsk University, whose names entered the history of national and world science.

Currently, the TSU History Museum collections have more than 10 thousand items.

The museum is the keeper of the history and memory of the University. It tells the students, staff and guests of the University about its history and traditions.

The collections include:

  • photos of the contemporary exposition;

  • original documents and photographs;

  • works and memorabilia of famous scholars;

  • awards and gifts to the University;

  • personal collections of professors and students.


Irina B. Delic


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  • Offices 231-232, 36 Lenin Ave. (Main building), Tomsk, Russia 634050