Museum of Physics History

The museum was founded in 1984 by Pavel Kondratyev, a senior lecturer of the Physics Department of TSU, who began the systematic acquisition of the museum collection in 1946.

Nikolay Gezekhus, the first rector of Tomsk State University and Professor of the Department of Physics, Physical Geography and Meteorology purchased the first equipment, now museum exhibits, back in 1888.

The museum exhibition reflects the origin and development of physics education in Siberia, the development of the scientific schools in Tomsk. The collections of the Museum of Physics History contain several hundred devices, a large number of interesting archival materials and photographs. The museum also stores ancient books on physics, mathematics, science history.

The museum is proud to display:

  • one of the first radio receivers (storm indicator) of Alexander Popov, brought in 1896;

  • an X-ray machine Fedor Kapustin, Professor of Physics, acquired for Tomsk University in 1896;

  • one of the first phones invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876;

  • an Edison Phonograph, the first device for the recording and reproduction of sound;

  • the first mechanical television set Vasily Denisov, a Tomsk State University graduate and radio amateur, made in 1932.


Ida N. Anokhina, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences


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  • Office 317, 36 Lenin Ave. (TSU building 2), Tomsk, Russia 634050