Laboratory for Biogeochemical and Remote Sensing Methods for Environmental Monitoring (BIO-GEO-CLIM)

Oleg S. Pokrovsky; Sergey N. Kirpotin
Biogeochemical cycles of Arctic bog and lake landscapes of Western Siberia as an indicator of global climatic changes and the foundation for rational nature management in the region (BIO-GEO-CLIM).

The research done in 2013–2015 and the results obtained allowed the laboratory staff members to improve their positions in QS ranking in the field of Environmental Sciences, Earth & Marine Sciences, Chemistry and Geography and to create the favourable conditions for young researchers to be promoted.

The staff of the Laboratory comprises 84 employees. Basic infrastructure of the Laboratory is located in the building of the Research Institute of Biology and Biophysics of the TSU. The remote infrastructure of the Laboratory is represented by a meridional network of the research stations monitoring the environment in the following points: «Aktru» (the Altai Republic); «Kaybasovo» (Tomsk Region); «Khanymey» (Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug) «Severo-Komsomolskoye» (Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug). All the buildings are equipped with the necessary office and laboratory furniture and office automation equipment. The Laboratory has all the scientific equipment needed and the devices to do experiments in-situ.

During the project implementation in accordance with the declared research trend the Laboratory staff members developed and introduced 15 new educational courses; developed a new Master program «Siberian and Arctic study» (major 05.04.06 Environment and natural resource management) in English (the first recruitment will be in 2016); organized 30 scientific/scientific-educational events (conferences, schools and workshops).